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Child Nutrition

Welcome to Child Nutrition Services!


We serve Breakfast and Lunch everyday!  Check out our monthly menus by clicking the "Menus" tab located under "Child Nutrition".


The Calhoun County School District Child Nutrition Services Department is comprised of food service professionals that are dedicated to students' health, well being, and their ability to learn. We support learning by providing nutritious meals daily and promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition.

Healthier Students:
Well-nourished students have higher test scores, increased school attendance, improved concentration, and improved classroom behavior. Students who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle the physical and emotional challenges they encounter during the day.

High Standards:
All foods served or sold at our schools meet state and federal nutritional requirements which are based on the United States Department of Agriculture USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

The Parent-School partnership is of primary importance in supporting student health. Child Nutrition Services is committed to providing healthy, fresh, and delicious meals in a safe and clean environment, and we welcome your helpful suggestions.

Together, We Can Keep Our Children Growing!


For more information contact:

Leigh Moore, School Food Service Director


Mandy Harris


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